Friday 14th February 2020

Storage Pool US Raid array outage


We've been able to fix the file system errors and to mount the storage again. A RAID rebuild will follow. As of now FilePup is again operational.

Random reboots on the storage that occurred yesterday have caused a corruption of the filesystem. The cause for the reboots is not yet known. The status of the filesystem is not known. The status of the RAID array is not yet known either, with so far one disk drive being reported to be failing. A filesystem check is to be ran once the cause of the reboots is identified and fixed. If the filesystem, power and RAID errors are fixable, we will return the service to it's previous state.

These errors may be unfixable

FilePup has been provided as a legacy service to the great communities that have used it in the past for a couple of years now, free of advertising and with generous speed limits. Please note that there is a real chance that FilePup may not recover from this unfortunate chain of events due to the age of the infrastructure it is running on (we've had 2 major outages in the past 6 months already) and the fact that it has been nothing but an expense to us for these past years. If we can recover your data, we will, but be prepared.